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Delphi Murders

Cold Case: Febuary 14th 2017

On February 13th, 2017 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Libby German  were dropped off by Libby's older sister Kelsi German at a hiking trail in Delphi Indiana. Their bodies were found the next day after the two went missing. Police have not named a suspect but do have a picture and audio shared from Liberty’s phone found at the scene. This episode, Joe speaks with Kelsi German two years after the murders.

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Herb Baumeister 

A look at the investigation

Westfield, Indiana Businessman who was suspected of being a serial killer. In 1996 Baumeister was under investigation for murdering over a dozen men in the early 1990s, many were missing and had last been seen at gay bars in downtown Indianapolis. Police found human remains including thousand of bone fragments on Baumeister's property called 'Fox Hollow Farm'.
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Fox Hollow Farm Investigation

Inside the home of Herb Baumeister

Part two of the coverage of the Herb Baumeister case. This week go inside the home of the alleged serial killer. It was an experience provided by a company called American Hauntings. Listen to first hand accounts from the current owner and one of the former tenants.  Listen to the paranormal investigation from three of the most haunted places on the property. Go to www.bumpinthenight.net for more info.

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Jim Jones Part 1

The beginning of the Jim Jones story

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid. It’s a phrase spoken in conversation, but do you know where the term comes from. The story is more sinister than you’d think. I go over the start of the Peoples temple Church and the Reverend Jim Jones. I speak to some of his former congregants. This is the first Part of a two part episode. for more info go https://jonestown.sdsu.edu/

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Jim Jones part 2: Jim Jones Jr.

Jim Jones Jr. speaks with Joe

Jim Jones Jr. was the first African-American child adopted by Caucasian parents in the state of Indiana. His adopted father was Jim Jones, the infamous cult leader who orchestrated the murder suicide of more than 900 people on November 18th, 1978. Jr. tells me what was going through his mind the day and hours leading up to the tragedy.

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Hollandsburg Massacre

With Author Mike McCarty

This week we look at one of the first instances of a set of murders being a “Thrill Killing”. The crime happened in a small-town, in the western part of rural Indiana. It is now known as the  Hollandsburg Massacre. The leader of a local gang, Roger Drollinger walked into a trailer near Raccoon Lake and shotgunned to death four teenage boys in their home, and left their mother for dead. This week I talk to Author Mike McCarty. His book “Choking In Fear describes the night of the murders in his home when he was just a 9-year-old boy.  He Later went on to become a violent crimes detective and now owns his own security company.

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Live at Indy PopCon 2019

With Al Hunter

This week Al and I sit down at Indy PopCon for Infamous Indy’s first live podcast. Over the weekend Infamous Indy was awarded 1st place for best True Crime podcast and Best Overall Podcast for the 2019 PopCon Podcast Awards. We go touch on details about Jim Jones, Charles Manson and other infamous people. Some of whom were possibly born on the exact spot we are recording at the Indianapolis Convention Center. 'I’m excited to win the award and what a fun time to record in front of a live audience! Enjoy!

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Sarah Slinker

Surviving Domestic Violence

Sarah Slinker thought she knew who she was living with, she thought she could trust her significant other. But all that changed one night when she saw the monster he truly was. For the first time, Carrie Melillo joins the podcast to help give a women’s perspective to this incredible story. For more information go to the Bridges to Life website to volunteer and learn how you can help.

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Richmond Hill Explosion

With Hoosier Homicide

This episode two of the three hosts from the Podcast Hoosier Homicide sit with me and talk about the night their world was literally rocked. The home they were in was 150 yards away from a home that exploded. Some of the effects can still be felt to this day. This episode will make you realize how an insurance scheme gone wrong changed the lives of an entire community forever.

• Hoosier Homicide Website
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HH Holmes

With Jeff Mudgett

This episode Joe talked to the Great-Great-Grandson of HH Holmes, Jeff Mudgett. Jeff is trying to prove Holmes was not only America's first serial killer but also Jack the Ripper! Please like, subscribe, rate and review!

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Human Trafficking with Body Language Expert Lisa Mitchell

What are the signs? What do you do?

This week Joe is joined by his wife, Carrie Melillo and Lisa Mitchell, Body Language Expert. She describes a time when her work became more than just theory, Lisa used her training in a real world setting and recognized something was wrong with a couple who walked into the same store as her. Lisa teaches us how to stay vigilant and know the signs when something is seriously wrong. 

If you believe you may have information about a trafficking situation: Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888: Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates are available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking. Text the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 233733. Chat the National Human Trafficking Hotline via Hotline Chat Submit a tip online through the anonymous online reporting form.

Misty Wallace: A Story of Survival and Forgiveness

With Survivor Misty Wallace

Back in 1993, Misty Wallace stopped at a pay phone at a Burger King on the West-side of Indianapolis to make a phone call. That would change her life forever. Her story is a true testament to the power a crime can have on a life.

• Bridges To Life Website

The Carriage House Murders

With Jim Floyd

Jim Floyd was a Crime Scene Tech in 1986. One of his first murders he worked on was at the Carriage house of the former home of D.C. Stephenson in Irvington Indiana. The connections here are amazing and I am excited to bring you the interview. Jim talks about what it takes to be an crime scene tech in the 80's.

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Live Right Now Podcast on Infamous Indy

How can we use food to help heal?

Joe sits down with the members of the "Live Right now" Podcast Wendell Fowler and Alan Haw. On their show they talk about Food, Faith and everything in between. It is a much different kind of episode than other Infamous Indy podcasts. Keeping the the True Crime genre, Joe focuses on how we can use food and the positive healthy living the LRN podcast focuses on, to heal trauma.

Marcus Schrenker

with Richard Essex

This week an inside look at covering a national story from a reporter who’s been doing it for years. Richard Essex, current reporter at WISH-TV in Indianapolis sits down with Joe to discuss the case of Marcus Schrenker. Schrenker tried faking his won death by crashing his plane but his plan backfired. Richard was sent to the scene in Alabama to cover the case and maybe even catch the man on the run.

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The Case of Shannon Hall with Colleen Stine

A look into the 2014 Murder-Suicide

This week On July 27th, 2014 David Hall and his two sons ten-year-old Connor and 8-year-old Danny, were out for some farther son time. This happened more often because David and his Ex-wife Shannon a second-grade teacher in Fishers Indiana had just finalized their divorce.  That night as David was dropping his sons off at the home on Somerset way in Carmel. The same home Shannon grew up,  and the same home where the Halls boys were living with their mom and grandparents temporarily during the divorce, David walked in asked to use the bathroom and when he came out he pointed a gun at Shannon right in front of his children. Just before he pulled the trigger the boys screamed “No, dad, no”. He then shot and killed Shannon Hall then turned the gun on himself. Danny and Rita O’Malia, Shannon’s parents, could only watch in horror as they witnessed the scene unfold. Rita ran the boys to a neighbor’s house as they called the police. To this day the family still wonders what was going through David’s mind as he was in that bathroom. Was he so depressed or mentally ill that there was no turning back from what he had decided?

Now more than five years later Connor and Danny live with their Aunt and uncle and three cousins in central Indiana. Colleen Stein, Shannon’s younger sister, was in Saint Louis Missouri the night Shannon was murdered. The Stein family moved home soon after to help. She has since started a company called ever kind which sells t-shirts with inspirational messages.

On this episode I speak with Colleen about what she has learned from this terrible situation and her perception of her brother in law David. What she believes happened and why she thinks he did it.

Bonus: Joker Movie Review

Mental Illness is not Fictional

with A rare R rating, The Joker Movie (2019) is causing a lot of stir around the world. What does it have to do with True Crime? A lot more than you realize. Let’s learn from this take on mental illness and apply it to what we have learned on this podcast.

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